Monica Shah

Parent and Child Session Leader, Co-Founder of PlaySpace

Monica Shah is a child and family specialist. After graduating from the University of Oxford she established a network of community education charities across the UK and launched the Mothering Project in north London. Monica published her textbook ‘Working with Parents’ (Heinemann, 2001) before moving to Switzerland where she founded Children First in 2006 to support families bringing up young children abroad.

Evangelos Tsempelis

Co-Founder of PlaySpace

Evangelos Tsempelis is a psychoanalyst in private practice in Zurich and a founding member of Stillpoint Zurich. Aware of how central the experience of childhood is for subsequent development, and as a father of a young boy, Evangelos is moved by the aspiration to co-create a safe and caring space where both parents and children can find nourishment and support during this wondrous time in their lives.

Stephen Setterberg, MD

Clinical Advisor

As founder and developer of one of the largest child & adolescent mental health specialty organizations in the United States, PrairieCare, Dr. med. Setterberg offers both clinical and operational consultation to PlaySpace. He is also a co-founder of Stillpoint Zurich, one of the organizations comprising PlaySpace, and a psychoanalytic psychotherapist.

Dana Bookey

Play worker

Dana Bookey is originally from the US and has worked with children aged 4 through 8 in the international community in Canton Zurich for 10 years. She is a dual American and Swiss citizen. She has worked with children in the US, Botswana and Switzerland and is a mother to three grown children. Dana’s other talents include jewellery-making and painting. In 2016 she attended the Reggio Emilia International Study Group and found it fascinating to find a whole city involved in their educational system. She was inspired to incorporate many Reggio ideas into her work with children from then on. Dana relishes this opportunity to work with the very young because of their joy and engagement with play and encouraging their developing social personalities. She enjoys travelling, hiking, skiing and reading, and spending time with family and friends.

Margareta Ehnberg

Jungian Analyst, Sandplay Therapist, Teacher

Margareta Ehnberg worked for many years as a teacher of biology and geography in Finland. She then studied in Zürich to become a Jungian analyst and a sandplay therapist. She has been working in private practice with children and adults since 2012. Margareta is also a mother and a grandmother.